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What is Direct Primary Care?

  • Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a simple healthcare model.
  • For less than your cell phone bill — averaging $50-$60/month — you have a direct relationship with your doctor.
  • You get the usual primary care services at your convenience with same-day, next-day or evening visits.
  • We take care of your primary care needs scheduled at your convenience!

Compare Us to What You've Got Now

 Direct Patient Care St LouisTraditional Insurance Plans
AvailabilityCall, text or email us anytime, 7 days a week.Only available during business hours, usually 9-5.
ServicesUnhurried appointments focused only on YOU & YOUR health care needs.Time is spent on insurance, billing, the computer, and government red tape INSTEAD OF on YOU.
Payment TermsIf not the same day, then be seen the following day.First available is next week if you’re lucky, otherwise wait 2-3 weeks to be seen.
SupportNo co-payments, co-insurance, or deductibles.Insurance only pays the doctor for 6 minutes of her overhead per patient visit.
LiabilitySpend enough time to get ALL your questions answered Get 80% of your health care needs met by one doctor.6 minutes is not enough time to diagnose anything, so get referred to specialists for everything.
Cost EffectiveUncompromising focus on personalized, quality care.Bring your calculator with you to add up all the cost.
MemberMaximum of 200 members, then membership closes.Typical PCP has a panel of 3,500 – 5,000 patients.

Our Services

What’s it Cost


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How DPC Works and Why Patients Love It

DPC for Patients

Wondering how DPC works for folks like you? Watch this brief video and find out now.

DPC for Employers

Learn how employers can stay competitive by offering health care benefits to their employees.

Quality, Personal & Affordable Healthcare in 2 Easy Ways:

Two Ways to Take the Next Step and Learn More

Start Your Quality, Personal & Affordable Healthcare in 2 Easy Ways:

1. Get Your Questions Answered by EMAIL.

Email your questions to Dr. Hicks.

2. Get Your Questions Answered by PHONE.

Text or Call Dr. Hicks to Answer Your Questions Now.

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Our Practice FAQs

  • Let’s chat. Every member has scheduled a relaxed Meet & Greet to have time to just chat, maybe drink some coffee or tea, and have a frank discussion about your health care concerns.
  • Here you will have the chance to find out what Direct Patient Care St. Louis is all about. You will have all the time necessary to ask all the questions you want to ask, so that you can figure out if a membership medicine doctor will work for you and your particular situation.
  • Plus, we get to figure out if you’d be a good fit for our practice.
  • It’s the only reasonable way to begin what, we hope, will be a long, productive, healthy relationship
  • Absolutely! We love to help kids grow up healthy and happy.
  • We happily accept the children (birth to 19 years of age) of our enrolled members.
  • At this time, we are not able to provide routine vaccinations for young children, but we will happily work with you to arrange these. (Pediatric Vaccine supply explained completely under Immunizations page.)
  • The membership fee is a recurring, monthly charge – like a gym membership – that is billed dito patients in exchange for comprehensive primary care services provided by the physicians and at DPC St. Louis, which is outlined in our Membership Benefits document.
  • The practice membership fee is most commonly based on the breadth of primary care sespecified in the Membership Benefits, which are generally related to the effects of aging.
  • The DPC model’s membership fee structure is designed to pay for the entire range of value-aservices that physicians provide for their patients, including the critical, non–face-to-face serThe membership fee pays for the comprehensive care services provided before, during, and afteactual office visit.
  • Our transparent, straightforward and fixed monthly membership fee at Direct Patient Care St. covers all of your primary healthcare needs at our office: $10 for kids, $50 for an adult, and $7seniors. (There are nominal fees for certain supplemental services.)
  • No more worrying about whether you can afford a doctor’s visit or not, how much your co-pacost or when your deductible will kick into effect.
  • Here is an article explaining the benefits of membership-based healthcare (also known as DPrimary Care).
  • Here is a recent news story on NBC Nightly News highlighting DPC from a patient’s viewpoint.

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