Saving Money with DPC

“Many of my patients, even with insurance, save more money on these services than they pay for their membership each month!”

~ Dr. Hicks


All the Ways We Save You Money

Check the list for those services you currently pay a lot for and imagine the money you’ll save as a member


For example, we bought a bottle 1,000 generic lisinopril 20 mg blood pressure pills for about $13 – that’s 1.3 cents per tablet,

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We have negotiated prices for regular x-rays, Ultrasound, CT scans, MRI scans, and bone density testing at facilities throughout the 

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We can’t stand waiting for the doctor to call with lab results. And we’re tired of the big surprise that comes at checkout or when that hospital 

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Urgent Care

We sew up cuts and treat sprained ankles, getting x-rays at a discount price only if you need them. And if we can’t treat you here

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To aid in diagnosis or treatment, we perform procedures such as skin biopsies, freezing of benign skin lesions, toenail 

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Injectable medications — like vitamin shots, joint injections, and antibiotic shots –are available in the office at the same wholesale cost 

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After-Hours Care

Dr. Hicks makes house calls within 30 miles of the office when a patient is too sick to leave the house, and he often does so without any additional 

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Ignoring the burdensome regulations about vaccine storage, you should know that vaccines have relatively short expiration dates. 

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