We can’t stand waiting for the doctor to call with lab results. And we’re tired of the big surprise that comes at checkout or when that hospital bill arrives in the mail months later, aren’t you? NO MORE !

Lab results are available as soon as we get them, usually within 12 hours, and we’ll give them to you by phone, email, text or in person. You choose — whatever works best for you.

Our patient members can always get our low, negotiated prices at the Quest facility closest to them. Of course, in-office testing is preferred when we can obtain an immediate, accurate result that leads to your diagnosis because we can start your treatment right then — and help get you back to feeling better even faster.

And we’ll start doing a limited number of onsite tests (rapid flu tests, rapid strep tests, rapid RSV tests, mono tests, pregnancy tests, and urinalysis, for example) as soon as all the necessary equipment and testing supplies arrive.

Urinalysis strips only cost a quarter, so some of these onsite tests will be free for members. Why? Because we don’t like being nickel-and-dimed to death any more than you do. So your membership fee will always cover inexpensive items because we believe there is simply no reason for you to get charged for those.

Whenever onsite tests cost us more a couple of bucks, you’ll be told upfront what the supplies cost, so you can decide if it’s worth it.

For instance, you may have recently seen the evening news story which stated that the rapid influenza tests are only 63% accurate. We do the research to discover the more sensitive and specific tests available in the US today, and sometimes the more accurate tests are more expensive. We won’t buy cheap tests that are not accurate.

Finally, for your convenience, when you’re too sick to go to the lab, we’ll do blood draws and specimen collections in the office and send them to the lab for you.