There are 2 ways you can see Dr. Hicks as a patient.

1. One method is to become a Full Member, with a recurring, monthly membership fee for a year.
2. The second method is to become a Trial Member, which is perfect if either:
a. you’re not sure that direct primary care is right for you, but you want to try it with NO long-term commitment. OR
b. you just need to see a doctor immediately, and you don’t want to go to urgent care or the ER.

ADULTS Monthly Membership Fee
Age 18 – 30 $34*
Age 31 – 45 $49*
Age 31 – 45 $49*
Age 46 – 60 $69
Age 61 – 75 $89
Age 76 – 100 $99
Age 100 + $1 – just a buck ‘cause you earned it!
* All patients younger than age 40 need to initially join as a trial member--see below. You get all the benefits of a regular member for up to 2 months, then we can decide if we both want to continue as a full member after that.
KIDS Still Living at Home** MonthlyMembership Fee
Birth to 17 $14*
18 - 30 $24
** At Least One Parent Must Join

2. Trial Membership

  • Be seen today and the rest of this month and all of next month, for one low price – with NO enrollment fee.
  • Get all the benefits of a full member–wholesale drugs at cost, heavily discounted labs & x-rays, and procedures & injections for only the cost of supplies.

$147 -- under 40 years old

$197 -- if 40 years old or older

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